Beauty Trend Alert: Charcoal

Beauty trend alert: It seems you can’t go anywhere without hearing about ways to add charcoal into your beauty regimen. It’s now even being used for teeth whitening. Is activated charcoal safe and effective when used on your teeth?

This trend claims that by scrubbing your teeth with activated charcoal, you can detoxify and whiten your smile. However, according to the September 2017 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association there is no evidence that charcoal dental products are safe or effective. There is also concern that these products are very abrasive and can scrub away the enamel on your teeth. Enamel is the white outer coating of your teeth. When you use an abrasive scrub on your teeth, it can wear away the enamel exposing the next layer which is a softer, more yellow tissue called dentin. Ultimately, you may end up with more yellow teeth and increased sensitivity.

Looking for a natural way to whiten? Here is what we recommend:
– Brush your teeth two times a day for two minutes
– Use a whitening toothpaste with the American Dental Association Seal
– Floss once a day
– Avoid foods that stain: red wine, coffee, tea.
– Do not smoke or use smokeless tobacco
– Maintain regular check ups and cleanings

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