Dr. Robin Mark Santiago

Dr. Robin Mark Santiago DMD

“At the age of nine I took a spill on my bike that cracked my front tooth almost down to the gum line. At first, I was only aware of scratches on my elbows and knees, until my mother running up to find me cried out your tooth why couldn’t you have broken your arm? That really brought home to me the importance of having healthy teeth and a nice smile. For the next several weeks as I had root canals and posts and temporary crowns I had many moments of great embarrassment when the temporary crown would fall off in class inevitably when I was being called on in class and I would cry and cover my mouth so no one would see the stub and the ugly space. That experience started my commitment to esthetics in dentistry. I can personally empathize with anyone who is experiencing an esthetic emergency.

Materials at the time were not what they are today which accounted for part of the problem. Today ‘s improved materials both for bonding and ceramics, along with implant dentistry have made it much easier to solve these types of problems. Life can always throw a curve ball now and again though!

Until I had my veneers done in 1999, I knew that despite some 8 or 9 different crowns that my two front teeth did not match. The delight. I have experienced since having my smile makeover is unmatched.

My husband had a similar epiphany, though his was the result of having a very badly worn dentition. He had a terrible grinding habit that worried me and I was always trying to figure out how this could be fixed as I was going through dental school. I remember pouring o ver the textbook on occlusion trying to see how to fix this problem and my frustration when my professor could not seem to explain to me how it could be done. I remember graduating and my husband happily turning to me saying “Now you can fix my teeth!”. No I said I still don’t know how.

His deep disappointment along with my feelings about my front teeth have propelled me on my mission to understand better how the mouth functions and how to reconstruct broken smiles. Happily, I found Dr. Peter Dawson and the LD Pankey Institute for advanced dental studies. Finally, I understood occlusion and how to manage it better in the restoration and reconstruction of devasted smiles.

Today my husband’s smile is a delight to behold. It is the result of careful planning, orthodontics and the miracle of modern porcelain restorative dentistry and a true smile makeover. He smiles more, feels more confident and I enjoy looking at his handsome face and beautiful smile more than ever!

Our journeys have enabled me to appreciate the meaning of a beautiful smile from both sides of the equation and to share that care, skill, judgment and knowledge with the people who entrust me with their care. This is my passion! I want everyone to experience the thrill and joy of a beautiful smile!”