Caring For Your Smile

Your gorgeous smile can’t maintain itself anymore than your car can. Regularly-scheduled, professional cleanings and evaluations are the key to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. The American Dental Association recommends continuous care visits every six months for people with healthy teeth and gums and every three months for people with gum disease and/or rampant dental decay (caries). However, if you have gum disease or other oral problems, we may want to see you more often. Dr. Santiago and your hygienist will work with you to tailor a personal program uniquely designed to meet your needs.

You will even receive a reminder from us when it’s time for your appointment. At that time, contact our dental office to confirm the time we have specially reserved for you. You can also email us at In the meantime, if you notice anything unusual with your teeth or gums, don’t wait for your regular appointment. Call us right away. Early intervention can avert more serious conditions.