Oral Cancer Screening

Did you know…

  • Over 36,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year?
  • Of those 36,000, barely half will be alive after five years?
  • Out of 8,000 Americans – roughly one person, per hour, per day – will die this year of oral cancer?

Most importantly, did you know that the reason for the high death rate associated with oral cancer is not only because oral cancer can be difficult to discover or diagnose, but also because it is due to the cancer usually being discovered late in its development? (According to the Oral Cancer Foundation)

At Beautiful Smiles, you will receive a regular, thorough oral cancer screening. This detailed process is designed to locate any oral cancer as early as possible in its development, even before it is visible to the naked eye! Your oral cancer screening includes:

  • A medical history review that checks for risk factors, which can be environmental, as well as genetic;
  • A visual inspection of all of the visible soft tissues of your mouth;
  • Palpation – a gentle “massaging” of your gums and other structures to identify any unusual developments;
  • VELscope– a technologically-advanced tool that aids the dental team in spotting any problem areas;
  • Digital photos of your mouth to use in future comparisons; and,
  • Regular follow-up tissue examinations.