Dental Technology


In our practice all decisions are filtered through our vision and mission – to provide amazing and comprehensive considerate dental care with the utmost quality and esthetics of which we are capable for our patient family in a caring environment that also affords a positive experience for our team.

We ask – Does this technology do what it says it can? How will this benefit our patients? How will this benefit our team?

We have had electronic records since the late 1990’s. We store them in a secure, well-protected and retrievable fashion. A major flood in 2003 occurring over a weekend from a storm drain back-up proved their worth! We were able to reproduce all the records in hours thanks to IT Direct who provides our IT services and consistently provides excellent advice and assistance in integrating all our technology components so that they work seamlessly.

In addition, computerized records are more legible, more easily shared with specialists, insurance companies (claims processing) and more internally accessible increasing our efficiency and all this benefits our patients. Building templates in the system helps ensure data collection accuracy and consistency.

Nothing comes without a price – sensors, components, interfaces, updates, maintenance contracts, training time and adoption strategies and a huge volume increase for electronic safe storage are some of the costs behind all this technology.

Thus, technology continues to be a boon and a burden as we carefully negotiate our way forward into the future always with our eye on what’s best for you – our valued friend and patient!