Digital Photography

Digital photography gives Dr. Santiago unprecedented ability to understand your oral health. Advances in digital imaging allow us to take pictures of your teeth and gums from a myriad of angles, which gives Dr. Santiago and her team the information they need to make an accurate diagnosis, and to visually track your progress and follow up on any teeth and soft tissue changes.

Digital photography is also helpful for documenting problems and treatment, and essential for filing claims with your insurance to help maximize your benefits. And when it comes to ensuring that we share the most accurate information between our office and our team of specialists and medical and dental labs we contract with, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Finally, it’s great for you, too! A great smile starts at home. Understanding what procedures we’re performing and why makes treatment and recovery more successful. And being able to show you detailed images of your teeth and gums helps us make you a more involved member of your dental team.