Digital Radiographs (X-Rays)

Digital radiographs are a perfect example of the many ways that advanced technology ensures your comfort and safety like never before. Digital radiographs provide Dr. Santiago and her team with instant images to use in mapping your teeth and in diagnosing any problem areas you may have. You won’t have to wait for old-fashioned film processing.

Additionally, digital radiographs produce a high-definition picture while exposing you to MUCH LESS radiation than traditional X-rays (up to 80-90% less) – yet another way that this technology makes an already safe process even safer for you.

Digital radiograph images can be archived electronically in our computer system, allowing Dr. Santiago and her team to keep them for future reference without the materials or space needed for physical files. This is also better for the environment and significantly speeds up your overall experience at Beautiful Smiles! In addition, your radiographs can be shared almost instantly with your other dental specialists and with your dental insurance companies, as needed, without the worry of lost radiographs.

Digital radiographs have had a major positive impact. They have significantly reduced the amount of radiation – often by as much as 80-90% – needed to produce diagnostic quality x-rays. That alone would have made our decision to invest in this technology very easy! The quality of the picture, the ability to magnify areas of concern for a more detailed view and to provide side by side comparisons is unparalleled.

In addition, digital radiographs are very easy to export in a secure and high quality fashion to specialists, insurance companies for claims processing and review. They don’t get lost in the mail either! They arrive in seconds making it possible to review the situation together with colleagues in real time.